Tata Motors Make Special Plan For EV Business To Funding Of 600 Million Dollar

Tata Motors EV: It is one of the leading car companies in India and is known for many of its best cars. Now this company is planning to expand business in electric mobility, for which the company has prepared a special plan. According to the report of Economic Times, the company has prepared a plan to raise 500 to 600 million dollars from foreign investors.

Tata Motors has made a good hold in the electric vehicle segment in India and now wants to increase its business for further strength in this segment. For this reason, the company has planned to raise big funds. The report states that the company has reached out to several key investors, impact funds, sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East, Korea and Singapore, as well as Canadian pension funds.

10 new electric model cars will come by 2026

Tata Motors has prepared a plan that by 2026, it will further strengthen itself in the EV segment with 10 new electric models. During the Auto Expo, Tata Motors Chairman N Chandrasekaran recently said that the transition to electric mobility in India will happen much faster than expected. He said that we believe that the right plan has been made for the EV segment.

The company has already raised funds for EV

According to the report, Motors has already raised $1 billion from TPG’s Rise Climate Fund and Abu Dhabi-based holding company ADQ. Tata Motors is seeing a premium of 15-20 per cent over the last round. After raising funds, there will be a valuation of $ 10.9 billion for this business.

Company talking to these investors

The report quoted officials as saying that the company is working with its advisor Morgan Stanley and has invited several leading investors, Effective Fund, investors from the Middle East, Korea and Singapore as well as Canadian pension funds for funding. Has been

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