Health tips for women, these signs indicate that women should visit a gynecologist Marathi News

Health Tips for Women: Often women ignore the problems of their private parts or are unable to tell anyone due to shyness. But, do you know, it is very important to keep the vagina healthy. For this you can consult a gynecologist. Although women often feel stressed when visiting a gynecologist, only a gynecologist can … Read more

Health Tips: Risk of cancer even for those who are not addicted to cigarettes, know what doctors say Marathi News

Pune : The month of November is celebrated as ‘Lung Cancer Awareness Month’ across the world. We all know how harmful smoking is to health. Lung cancer is considered a major cause of smoking. About 80 percent of lung cancer deaths are caused by smokers. The mortality rate among cigarette smokers is more than 15 … Read more

Tuesday remedies, do these 6 remedies on Tuesday, how to get the blessings of Hanumanji, know the remedies here

Tuesday Remedy: In Hinduism, each day of the week is named after some deity. Like Lord Shankar is worshiped on Monday, Ganpati Bappa on Wednesday, Vishnu on Thursday, Lakshmi on Friday and Shani on Saturday. Similarly, Tuesday is dedicated to the trouble-shooter Shri Hanuman. On this day, by worshiping Lord Hanuman and doing some remedies, … Read more

Children’s Mental Health Don’t Ignore Doctors’ Child Mental Health Advice

Children’s mental health: All parents pay attention to the physical health of children. However, their mental health is not given proper attention. Therefore, their mental health is neglected. Doctors say that along with the physical health of small children, mental health is also important. Various factors of daily life affect the mental health of children. … Read more

Health Tips Home remedies for gas that will definitely give relief Marathi News

health tips: Sour belching means stomach upset. When a person eats too much or eats too fast, he starts belching. Some people complain of sour belching. Sour belching is also caused by indigestion. Indigestion, smoking, stress, cold drinks, drinking alcohol cause many problems like sour belching, burning sensation in the stomach and chest, vomiting, flatulence, … Read more