Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Artificial Intelligence Future for next 5 Years AI Could Pass Human Tests Silicon Valley Goals

Nvidia CEO Jenson Huang: Jensen Huang, CEO of semiconductor chip manufacturing company Nvidia, told many big things about the future of Artificial Intelligence in the next five years. Answering a question regarding Artificial Intelligence during the Economic Forum at Stanford University, Huang said that my prediction is that we are going to perform very well … Read more

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrashekhar Advisory for Tech Companies Artificial Intelligence

Center Advisory to Tech Companies: The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology issued an advisory related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for tech companies. The ministry also strongly criticized social media platforms for misuse of AI. It was said in the advisory that companies related to Artificial Intelligence will take approval from the government before launching … Read more

Microsoft Co Founder Bill Gates about AI Delhi IIT Artificial Intelligence India Visit Anant Ambani Radhika Merchant Pre Wedding

Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates: Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has come to India for the wedding of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant. During this, while addressing the students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, he said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most transformative technology, which will give new opportunities for progress to the … Read more

Motorola realesed teaser of its first AI Smartphone Moto X50 Ultra

Motorola AI Smartphone: There has been a lot of discussion about Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI technology in the last few months all over the world including India. The trend of this technology has also increased very fast. Many companies started chatbot services using this technology and now smartphone companies have also started including AI features … Read more

Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar strongly warned Google India on Gemini AI Response about PM Modi

Indian Government warns Google India: Due to Gemini AI, Google's tension is not showing any signs of decreasing. Now the Union Minister of India has also warned Google India, because Google's AI chatbot service Gemini AI is not giving any answer when asked about the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. Let us explain this … Read more

EMO AI Model Alibaba Brings New AI Generated Platform Rival OpenAI Sora Know All Details here

Alibaba EMO Video Model: Competition in the field of Artificial Intelligence is continuously increasing. To compete with the Sora model of Open AI, Chinese company Alibaba has introduced a new video AI model EMO. Alibaba's Institute for Intelligent Computing Research recently introduced this model, which is an expert in creating audio-driven portrait videos. The EMO … Read more