Like Blue Tick on Twitter, another identity will also be found… Know what will be this special identity and who will get it?

Ever since Twitter was bought by businessman Elon Musk, Twitter is discussed every day on the Internet. All of you must have heard different things about Twitter by now. Elon Musk has commercialized Blue Tick on Twitter. Means you have to pay for Blue Tick. For this, Twitter Blue will be released in India, for which people will have to buy subscription every month. Different facilities will be provided in Twitter Blue as compared to normal Twitter. Apart from blue on Twitter, now people will also get gray and gold ticks. This was announced by Elon Musk some time back. Meanwhile, Twitter has announced a new verification program (Verification for Business) on the new year. Under this program, you will be given a blue tick on your profile as well as another identity. Know to whom it will be given and how to get it. 

Apart from Blue Tick, they will get special recognition

You all know this thing that after taking the subscription of Twitter Blue, the blue tick badge will start appearing on the profile. But now after the new verification program, people who work in a big organization or a big brand will be given the profile of their company in square shape on their profile as an identity. That is, along with the blue tick on your profile, the profile picture of the company will appear in square shape. At present, Twitter will first release this new verification service for some selected companies, after which it will be opened for other users as well. Big brands and organizations will have to apply for this first. After applying, an organization can add the accounts of any number of its employees or affiliate individuals to it. With this it will be beneficial that users will be able to know which company the account is linked to or which parent company this account belongs to.

 Understand by example-

Suppose you work in an MNC and the MNC has applied for a new verification program. When the company gets verified on Twitter, it can add you to its profile. After this the profile of the company will appear on your profile. That is, along with the blue tick, the profile of your company will also appear next to it. From this it will be known that you are associated or work with such and such company.

This is how people without Twitter Blue are getting Blue Ticks

Twitter has not yet launched Twitter Blue in India. But despite this, many people are easily getting blue ticks on Twitter. Actually, people are applying for Twitter Blue by changing their location with the help of VPN and getting Blue Tick. Even though this method is getting blue ticks to people, but according to the rules, it is not correct and action can be taken on your account. Means on checking blue tick can be removed from your account because you are not taking blue tick properly.

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