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Diabetes Control Tips: The problem of diabetes starts due to increase in blood sugar level. When the pancreas produces less insulin or the insulin does not work, glucose is not absorbed and this is the condition of diabetes. There are some people whose blood sugar level increases on an empty stomach. In some people, blood sugar rises after eating. Both these situations are bad. In such a situation, doing a little work before the meal can get rid of the problem of diabetes.

Do ‘this’ thing 30 minutes before eating

According to health experts, eating almonds 30 minutes before meals keeps the blood sugar level under control. It lowers the blood sugar level and also cures diabetes. According to experts, eat at least 20 grams of almonds daily half an hour before breakfast or dinner. It lowers the blood sugar level every day.

Do Almonds Lower Blood Sugar?

According to a media report, it is learned that almonds have been chosen as a pre-meal snack because of their popularity among the people of India due to their abundance of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, fiber and protein. This means that almonds have been chosen as the main superfood for eliminating blood sugar before eating.

Dr. participated in this research. Gulati said that this study has been done in two ways. Firstly, what factors are responsible for the immediate lowering of blood sugar. What are the long term effects of eating almonds before eating anything else on diabetics? The first study is published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, while the second study is published in Clinical Nutrition ESPN.

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Pay more attention to sugar test before eating

Most people test blood sugar on an empty stomach. But no one pays attention to the sugar test after eating. When most Indians eat like this, then there is every possibility of increasing sugar. That’s why the sugar level increases after eating it. An early symptom of type 2 diabetes is a rise in blood sugar after a meal. Dr. Gulati said that this study proves that eating almonds before meals reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and cures diabetes.

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