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health News , heart attack (heart attack) in the first hour after arrival the doctor called the ‘golden hour’ (Golden hour) It is said that this one hour is very important for saving the patient’s life as well as for his recovery. If timely and correct treatment is received within this one hour, then the patient does not have to lose his life. If patients are not treated properly within the first hour, the risk to life increases significantly. That’s why experts advise to reach the hospital immediately as soon as the symptoms appear.

After a heart attack, the blood vessels of the heart get obstructed and the heart muscles start dying slowly after 80-90 minutes due to lack of blood supply to the heart. Muscles start getting weak. If treatment is delayed, the heartbeat becomes irregular. But it can be cured with proper treatment during this ‘golden hour’.

what are the symptoms?

Symptoms may include heaviness or severe chest pain, pain in the arm, jaw, neck, back and abdomen, sweating, dizziness or lightheadedness, shortness of breath, nausea and cough, difficulty in breathing, weakness, etc.

How to do first aid in golden hour?

  • Relatives should not be given even a moment’s time in case of chest pain. In such a situation, time is very important and even a minute can kill the patient.
  • Immediately reach the nearest hospital and get ECG done.
  • Do not mistake chest pain for acidity at home.
  • If the patient is unconscious, immediately make him lie down on a flat surface. Then check his breath near his nose with your fingers or ears. Also check pulse.
  • Keep your left arm straight and place your right hand on top of it and lock your fingers. After this, bring your hands in the middle of the patient’s chest and give CPR by pressing the patient’s chest with full force.
  • 120 compressions should be given every minute until the patient regains consciousness or the ambulance arrives.
  • Aspirin 300 mg or sorbitrate tablets may be given if both are available. Sorbitrate may be placed under the tongue if the patient is conscious.
  • A person who has had a heart attack should not do unnecessary exercise. Do not attempt to walk to the hospital on your own. Do not climb up and down stairs. Don’t drive yourself.

– Dr. Rahul Tanki, Emergency Medicine Expert, Wockhardt Hospitals, Nashik

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