Hockey World Cup 2023: 12 Japanese players on pitch against South Korea, FIH investigates

Japan vs South Korea: In the Hockey World Cup 2023 (Hockey WC 2023), a strange incident happened on the pitch on Tuesday. Here, in a match of Pool-B, 12 Japanese players were playing on the pitch instead of 11 against South Korea. Even the match official did not get a clue of this. It was revealed after the match was over. Now the International Hockey Federation (FIH) will investigate the matter.

This incident happened in the last moments of the end of the match. The last two minutes were left in the match and Japan got a penalty corner. Here Japan removed its goalkeeper and sent a forward player to the field, but at the same time the total number of Japanese players on the pitch crossed 11. By the way, the goal could not be scored on this penalty corner and the Japanese team lost the match by 1-2. Had this goal been scored, the match would have ended in a 2-2 draw.

FIH has issued a statement in this matter saying, ‘After the match the FIH official, who did not pay attention to this situation at that time, spoke to the Japanese team on this matter. Japan says that they also did not pay attention to it and apologize for it. The FIH official also discussed the matter with the Korean team. At present FIH is investigating the matter as to how this situation came to be.

Japan on the verge of being out of the World Cup
With the defeat in this match, Japan’s team has reached the brink of being out of the Hockey World Cup 2023. The Japanese team has lost both its opening matches and is placed fourth in the Pool-B points table. Explain that the top team of each pool will get a place in the quarter-finals directly, while the number-2 and 3-ranked teams will be able to reach the last eight under the cross-over match. Belgium is at the top of Pool B, Germany is at the second position and South Korea is at the third position.

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