Trending News Dancer girl lost both her legs due to mosquito, English girl lost her arms and legs due to malaria

Dancer’s both arms and legs amputated due to mosquito bite Most everyone knows this dialogue ‘Ek machar aadmi ko hijra bana deta hai…’ from the 1997 film Yashwant by actor Nana Patekar. Mosquito Of course, people remember this dialogue after getting into trouble, but this mosquito can be more dangerous than you might have thought. Something similar happened with a girl. A young dancer lost both her arms and legs due to a mosquito.

A mosquito causes a young woman to fall into a coma, losing both her arms and legs

It is said that when and what will happen in life, nothing can be said. Mosquito is a simple animal, but many times mosquito bite causes such a disease. Many people have to be hospitalized due to mosquito bites. A woman had to be hospitalized after she was bitten by a mosquito, she lapsed into a coma. But the girl’s health deteriorated so much that both her arms and legs had to be amputated.

What actually happened?

Tatiana Timon, who lives in Camberwell, London, loves to dance. According to a report in Daily Star, Tatiana was a very good dancer before 2022. In May 2022, she went on a dance tour to Angola. There he took dance training for 10 days. After this she returned to her country. However, a few days after returning to the country, his condition worsened. Actually she was infected with malaria, but she did not know it. Because there was a wave of corona at that time, they felt that they had got corona. So he ignored things by taking some essential medicines for Covid.

both arms and legs had to be amputated

However, gradually she began to weaken. He also started having trouble walking and standing. He was admitted to the hospital when his condition worsened. There the doctor told that he had malaria. However, by then the infection had spread a lot and the situation was out of hand. He had sepsis. After this she went into coma. To prevent sepsis, the doctors decided to amputate both Tatiana’s legs and arms. The family agreed to this. After this his hands and feet had to be amputated. Hours after the amputation, she regained consciousness and was shocked to find that her arms and legs were missing. After this he told the whole matter.

struggle to be independent

According to media reports, initially she was terrified to find her arms and legs missing, but later she decided to live her life with determination. Now she is trying to do everyday tasks on her own. She wants to make herself independent.

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