Torch That Runs Without Battery And Can Work Till You Die Know About This Dynamo Torch

Dynamo Torch: In metro cities, torch is hardly kept in anyone’s house. This is because there is very little light in the cities. But if you go to far away rural areas, you will definitely see torches in every house. In villages or hilly areas, after the light goes out, the torch becomes the support of the people. On the other hand, in the cities for some reason the light goes off even for a few minutes, then people immediately turn on the flashlight. That is, the use of torch has reduced a lot. But there are still many areas where people spend the night with the help of torches. Generally, you must have seen such torches in the market which have a battery inside and they have to be charged from time to time.

These days solar powered torches have also come in the market but still there is a need to charge them. But today through this article we are going to tell you about such a torch which you do not need to charge because there is no battery in it. This torch comes without battery and can last you a lifetime. Sunlight, shade or rain, this torch will support you in all the three seasons and will run non-stop.

what is this torch

Actually, we are talking about a dynamo torch. This means that you do not need to charge this torch as a powerful dynamo is used in it. This dynamo works to generate electricity. You do not get any battery in this, nor do you have to worry about charging. Once you buy a dynamo torch, it will work continuously from that day till the last day of your life.

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Where can I buy torch
You can buy Dynamo torch from e-commerce website Amazon and Flipkart. Their price is between 500 to 700 rupees. These are pocket and water proof torches.

how flashlight works
The dynamo torch is operated by the user himself. There is a lever in this torch, which you have to press continuously, due to which the dynamo rotates and energy is generated and then the torch lights up. This torch is best for those people who are fond of adventure activities and keep going to distant mountains.

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