Trending News: Rakhi Sawant: Mother will not be able to tolerate if she comes to know about her marriage to Adil… Rakhi Sawant was seen crying on the road

TV’s drama queen Rakhi Sawant is in discussion about the news of marriage these days. She claimed that she had married her boyfriend, Adil Khan Durrani, 7 months ago. In July 2022, both of them did court marriage and also got married. But on the other side is Adil who is running away from this reality. He is also seen with Rakhi and is not even saying anything. In such a situation, the latest video of Rakhi Sawant has surfaced in which she is seen crying bitterly. She cries and says that if her mother comes to know about this, she will break down.

Please tell that Rakhi Sawant had recently told that her mother’s health is not good. He is admitted to the hospital and is undergoing treatment. Rakhi’s mother is battling a dangerous disease like brain tumor these days. Rakhi told in conversation with paparazzi that her mother does not know about the news going on on TV right now.

Rakhi Sawant is worried about her agonizing mother

Rakhi Sawant was spotted in Mumbai. During this the paparazzi talked to him. Rakhi Sawant is seen crying continuously and says that her mother will come to her senses and if she hears all this, she will not be able to tolerate it. On this Paparaji asked what did your in-laws talk to you. On this Rakhi told that her in-laws are very nice. He himself asked Adil that if he has married then accept the truth.

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Rakhi Sawant: Rakhi Sawant, who married Adil 7 months ago, is now sad, said – was forced to hide the marriage

Rakhi Sawant confirmed

Rakhi Sawant told in an exclusive conversation with Navbharat Times that she got married only 7 months back. She has also given proof of this in the media. But they don’t know why Adil is silent on this. Why is he refusing? While Adil had said that he would tell everything after 10 days.

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