Britney Spears gives the finger after restaurant ‘meltdown’

Britney Spears flipped the bird several times in a new video after she was filmed “talking rubbish” and acting “manic” at a restaurant.

Spears danced casually, tousled her blonde hair and stuck her tongue out at the camera while rocking a strapless white mini dress with neon yellow piping and a pair of knee-high go go boots.

He flipped his middle finger twice at the camera before doing the ‘hook ’em horns’ hand sign (or perhaps he just meant “rock on”).

at other points instagram video – in which the comments were closed – she was seen applying powder foundation on her face as she danced to the tunes of “I Touch Myself” by The Divinyls.

The pop icon, 41, also offered another rebuttal to the reports: an appropriately defiant Instagram meme that read, “They told me I couldn’t do it so I did.”

Britney Spears in an Instagram video
Spears responded to reports of having a public “meltdown” with a bizarre video.

It ended with a bizarre meltdown one day after her casual dinner with husband Sam Asghari and the actor “storming out”.

Witnesses said Spears began “talking rubbish” at Los Angeles hotspot Joy on Friday night.

Britney Spears in an Instagram video
At one point he stuck out his tongue at the camera.

In the footage, a clearly exhausted Spears was seen sitting alone at the Woodland Hills establishment, holding a menu to her face upon realizing that other diners were filming her.

The “Hold Me Closer” singer, who appeared to be talking to herself, was soon followed by her bodyguard.

Spears’ reps did not return Page Six’s request for comment. Asgari’s rep declined to comment.

Britney Spears caused a scene at an LA restaurant on Friday night
The singer was filmed “speaking gibberish” at a Los Angeles restaurant on Friday.

A manager for Joy also declined to “disclose any information” about the incident.

Spears has openly struggled with her mental health for many years and has spoken about the stress of her 13 years of guardianship, which included reportedly being committed to a mental health facility against her will.

Britney Spears caused a scene at an LA restaurant on Friday night
Her husband Sam Asgari is believed to have separated.

She claimed on social media and in court that she was allegedly being forced to take medications after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

After more than a decade under guardianship, she was finally freed in 2021, and was able to tie the knot with Asgari the following year.

photo of britney spears and sam asgari
The couple will say “I do” in 2022, after her guardianship ends in late 2021.
Patrick McMullen via Getty Images

The couple had a fairytale wedding at their home in California, with guests including Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore and Madonna.

Neither Spears nor Asghari have directly addressed the restaurant meltdown on their social media accounts.

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