Trending News: Bigg Boss 16: Nimrit’s captaincy is safe, Priyanka-Shiv have a heated argument, Shaleen is in depression?

Tuesday’s episode of the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’ saw a lot of ruckus. The reason was Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. In fact, the housemates get another chance to snatch the captaincy and finale week ticket from Nimrit, but Priyanka and the ‘troupe’ get into an argument. Priyanka becomes personal in the fight and Shiv also scolds her fiercely. The task was not completed and Nimrit’s captaincy was saved. Mandali is on one side of the house and Priyanka, Tina and Archana are on the other side. Shaleen is left alone. He told the congregation that he was going into depression. Let us know the moment by moment updates of the January 24 episode.

Bigg Boss 16 Ep 116 Highlights:captain nimrit exam
Bigg Boss has once again given a chance to the housemates that they can take away the captaincy of Nimrit and go to the ticket to finale week. Captain Nimrit’s report card is in front of the family. Discuss among yourselves and remove the ring from the report card. If there are less than 20 rings, Nimrit will lose the captaincy and ticket to finale week. Every householder can remove the ring countless times by giving one reason each. Bigg Boss himself removed the ring from Nimrit’s report card for repeatedly speaking English, after which Tina explained the reason for sounding the alarm. Priyanka also supports Tina, but Shiva and Sumbul come to the rescue.

Priyanka and Shiv have a fight with the troupe.

Priyanka said that she will not walk in the herd. She takes out a ring from Nimrit’s report card. There is uproar in the house. Nimrit also defends herself. Priyanka says, ‘We are all on the last stage. You guys keep friendship. Ticket to finale is not that easy. Then Archana says that the bathroom is not clean and takes out a ring. Meanwhile, a fight starts again between Priyanka and Shiva. MC Stan tells Priyanka, ‘You are not a public’.

Priyanka and Shiv become personal in the conversation

While fighting, Priyanka and Shiv started making personal comments. Priyanka alleges that Shiv bad-mouths girls. Shiva, on the other hand, says, ‘You only know how to shout. Do you understand the meaning of friendship? Your eyes are black.’ Shiv says that he never came between Priyanka and Ankit, but Priyanka says that Shiv has spoken very wrong. At the same time, MC Stan threatened Priyanka saying that ‘you are a quarrelsome woman’.

Shaleen said – Shiva did not say anything
Shaleen was very irritated to see this fight. As soon as they come to the living area, Shiva asks them if they have ever said anything to any girl. On this, Shaleen says that Shiva has not said anything. Even after this clarification, Priyanka is not ready to accept.

Bigg Boss scolds, Nimrit’s captaincy is safe
After so much fighting, Bigg Boss scolds the family members. He says you guys have to analyze each other’s game. This task was about Nimrit and the captaincy. When only three rings out, Bigg Boss says that Nimrit’s captaincy is retained.

Shiva got angry

Tina tells Priyanka that Shaleen had said many times that Shiv is not a classy guy. She stays away from him and says, ‘Now if I go to speak this thing, everyone will start speaking the opposite.’ Shiva, on the other hand, says, ‘When I start speaking the truth, my character gets spoiled. Why do you come to me if I have bad eyesight? do you hug me Girls have character, boys don’t.

Argument between Shaleen and Priyanka
In this fight, Priyanka was repeatedly bringing Shaleen. At this, Shaleen got angry and said, ‘Why are you bringing me in the middle?’ On the other hand, Shiva and Priyanka sit and discuss. Shiva says, ‘Don’t go on our friendship.’ Priyanka gets adamant that why did MC Steyn say that Ankit left after speaking the truth? Although MC Steyn says that he did not say anything like that.

board meeting
Shiv Thackeray abused Shaleen a lot and asked the Jamaat why he said all this? In fact, in this fight, it came to light that Shaleen had said behind Shiv’s back that he used to talk dirty about girls. Shiv gets angry on Shaleen about this. However, Shaleen came clean in front of the group and said that she (Priyanka and Tina) was playing cards.

Is the circle playing the numbers game?
Priyanka said that the troupe is still playing the numbers game. Archana said, ‘He cannot play alone. If I had played alone, I would not have reached here. If he is nominated, he will get a double blow. Archana also explains to Priyanka that ‘Zyada Shiv Shiv mat kiya karo’.

Priyanka and Archana in the confession room
Tina has a toothache, she requests Bigg Boss to send her chicken soup. But Bigg Boss says ‘you both are heartless’. Both of you have a friend in the house, who has a lot of pain in his teeth. He wants chicken soup. can not you?’ After this Priyanka and Archana had a lot of fun in Bigg Boss.

Tina does not want to take Shaleen’s chicken
Tina doesn’t want Shaleen’s chicken for the chicken soup. She flatly refuses Priyanka that she will not take Shaleen’s chicken. But Priyanka says that she is doing make up. She has come after talking to Bigg Boss. Whereas Archana says that ‘what does toothache have to do with chicken soup!’ Priyanka goes and takes permission from Shaleen. After they leave, Shaleen says to himself, ‘When we want something, we come with manners. When they want to insult themselves, they don’t respect anyone by abusing them. The work would have been ours, the public should go to hell. One’s own health, the other’s hoax.

went to decent circles
Priyanka goes and talks to Shiv and MC Stan. He says, ‘Priyanka spoke so passionately because she wanted chicken.’ On this, MC Steyn says, ‘I had said earlier that I will not even eat poison from his hand. Now eating chicken. Whereas Tina says, ‘I didn’t want her chicken.’ Shiva and MC Stan say, ‘Being a boy, I feel guilty.’

‘Trivia’ about bread
Archana talks to Tina and Priyanka about saving Priyanka’s bread. While talking, Archana talks about common sense, on which Tina gets angry. On the other hand, Priyanka says that Nimrit has not spoken to her at all, so she will not say anything on this. Whereas Shaleen says, ‘He is hearing voices. Repeat telecast is going on outside. Actually, Nimrit, Archana, Priyanka and Tina are having an argument outside regarding the roti.

Tina gets her chance to go out again
Tina gets a chance to move out of the house again due to medical reasons. However, Bigg Boss says that if she demands again and for this she has to go out, then it will be considered as her own exit.

Are you in depression?
Shaleen told the group that he had gone to the doctor, he had given medicine. He is also going through the same disease that happened to Nimrit. After this Tina talks to Priyanka about Shaleen that Nimrit was saying that her mental health is not good. He’s on Madison. However, Tina calls it a smart move by Shaleen. She says that ‘I didn’t throw it, but how did I get everything?’ Priyanka says, ‘He is a liar.’

Archana is angry with Priyanka and Tina
Shiva and the MC tell Stan that they heard voices. On the other hand, Archana is angry with Priyanka and Tina. She says that ‘both of you climbed on top of me’. Tina says, ‘We are not going to die without talking to you.’ On the other hand, Shiv and MC Stan tell Nimrit that ‘after all everyone is human, if you do wrong, how will you sleep’.

Flour worth one lakh rupees!
Once again the fight started over bread. Archana says that there is flour worth one lakh rupees. Priyanka gets furious on this. She says, ‘No one can live life openly with you, because it creates a lot of pressure.’ She says that now she does not want to eat any of Archana’s food.

making fun of modesty
Shaleen is looking very calm. They sit near the circle. Only then Shiva stops while speaking something. On this, MC Stan pulls Shaleen’s leg. On the other hand, the whole troupe gets irritated hearing the voices of Archana, Tina and Priyanka. MC Steyn says, ‘It doesn’t happen in Chawl either.’

laughing at home
Tina and Priyanka talk that they cannot live freely in this house. On the other hand, the congregation says that such people should not be given any respect. MC Stan says that these are the people who are running in the neighborhood. What is happening in whose house? Fake laugh.

Archana taunted in the poem
‘Covered the whole journey in the guise of a chicken, neither Tina remained, nor Priyanka remained, now holding Shiva and coming out of the narrow lane…’ Archana has prepared this poetry for Shaleen. He tells this to Nimrit.

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