Amazon Announces Amazon Air Service In India For Fast Delivery Partnership With Quikjet Cargo

Amazon air service: E-commerce website Amazon is popular all over the world. Company’s service far and wide in India today Has reached villages and towns. To improve its delivery service, Amazon has launched Amazon Air Service. Actually, the company has partnered with cargo-based airline Quikjet to speed up the delivery of goods and improve the transportation network.

Fast delivery will be done in these cities

All of you must have ordered goods from Amazon at one time or the other. Recently, ‘Republic Day Sale’ was held on this platform, in which people made huge purchases. Meanwhile, to further improve its delivery network, the company has announced a partnership with Bengaluru-based cargo airline Quikjet. Under this partnership, the company will deliver goods quickly in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Let us tell you, Amazon has become the first e-commerce company in the country, which will deliver under air network by partnering with third party carriers.

Air delivery is already done here

Amazon already offers air cargo service in the United States and Europe. Now India has become the third country where the company has started this service. With this, the customer will get the goods quickly and the company will also be able to make its network strong. With this move of Amazon, Flipkart and all other e-commerce websites are going to get tough competition. Amazon will now use the full cargo space of the Boeing 737-800 aircraft for air delivery.

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