World Oral Health Day 2023: Know the history, significance and all you need to know about the theme

World Oral Health Day 2023: Just as people are made aware about diseases of stomach, heart, eye, ear, nose, similarly now the time has come to be aware about oral health as well. Even today there are many people who do not clean their mouth properly, do not go to the doctor and their oral health is getting worse day by day. People are not even aware of bad breath. This day was started to make people aware of oral health. On this day we are going to know the history and information related to it.

World Oral Health Day 2023: History of World Oral Health Day

World Oral Health Day was initiated by the FDI World Dental Federation on 20 March 2013. Since then till today this day (World Oral Health Day 2023) is celebrated every year. From next year onwards, an annual Global FDI Competition is also being organized in collaboration with the International Dental Students Association.

World Oral Health Day 2023: How is this day celebrated?

Various seminars are organized on this day. In which experts explain how to take care of oral health and its relation to other diseases. Dental check-up etc. are also organized at various places. People are made aware of oral health in urban and rural areas.

If oral health is not good then many diseases can occur. Acid formation in the mouth causes problems like tooth decay, worms. Because of this, the enamel of the teeth wears away and a cavity is formed. Apart from this, bacteria in the mouth start damaging the teeth. If not taken care of in time, oral cancer can also happen.

World Oral Health Day 2023: Keep your mouth healthy like this

1. Get into the habit of brushing twice a day. Brushing should be done once in the morning and once before sleeping. This keeps the teeth healthy.

2. In case of any kind of problem in the throat or any kind of problem in the mouth, gargle with salt in warm water.

3. People with bad stomach usually have dirty tongue. The tongue can be cleaned with a tongue cleaner. It should be used.

4. Use fluoride toothpaste. It helps in preventing tooth decay.

5. Visit the dentist twice a year. Due to which the possibility of any disease can be avoided.

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