World First Laptop Is Invented By Osborne Computer Corporation Know About World First Laptop And Its Price

World’s first laptop: As the technology is changing with time, modern products are coming in the market and people are saying Tata bye-bye to the old products. Remember those days when you used to take help of PCO to talk to someone. But today a small smartphone is doing many things for us. Similarly, earlier there used to be typewriters to write something, which have now been replaced by thin keyboards. That is, overall, as the technology became modern, the gadgets also became smart. Have you ever wondered when the laptop or desktop on which you are working today started? Do you know who and when made the first personal desktop computer or laptop? If not, then know about it through this article today.

The world’s first personal desktop computer was made by the Italian company Olivetti in 1964. Its cost was around 2 lakh rupees. Same, talking about laptop, the world’s first laptop was made in 1981 which was prepared by Osborne Computer Corporation. This was the portable microcomputer of that time. This laptop had a 5 inch screen and it weighed 11 kg. According to today, if we see, then the weight of this first laptop was equal to 5 MacBook Pro. However, it was not very successful due to its heavy weight and high cost. The price of this first portable laptop was $1795 i.e. Rs 1,46,775 as of today. Means the world’s first laptop was worth 1.5 lakh rupees.

Many laptops launched again

After Osborne’s laptop, the second portable laptop was launched in 1983, which was named Grid Compass 1101. Its cost was also very high, which was not successful in the market. After this, Compaq LTE and Compaq LTE 286 came in the market in 1990. They were given the status of notebook PC for the first time because they were much lighter than the old laptops and could be easily carried in travel.

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Apple launched its first laptop in 1989

The products of Apple company are famous all over the world today. Apple launched its first laptop in 1989. Today, even though you find Apple’s laptops light and small, but at that time Apple’s laptop was much bigger and heavier than today. Although its battery and screen were slightly better than other laptops. After this, Apple introduced the Power Book laptop series in the market in 1991, under which the company launched 3 laptops in the market. It had Power Book 100, Power Book 140 and Power Book 170.

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