Wilfred Rhodes has taken the most first class wickets in FC Cricket Top 5 most successful bowlers

First class cricket records: There was a time when cricket was played only in Test format and only a few countries used to play it. International level matches used to take place only between England, Australia and South Africa. The number of these matches was also very less. In such a situation, domestic cricket used to get a lot of priority in these countries. Especially in England, the father of cricket, domestic cricket was played a lot. In such a situation, records like the most runs, most wickets, most matches and most centuries in First Class Cricket have been recorded in the names of English cricketers. Wilfred Rhodes is also one of them.

Wilfred Rhodes made his debut in first class cricket in 1898. He remained active in cricket till 1930 i.e. for 32 years. During this he played 1110 first class matches and in these he took a total of 4204 wickets. He is the only bowler who has taken more than 4000 wickets in first class cricket. This English bowler played 58 Test matches at the international level and took 127 wickets in them. He is counted among the best spinners of that era.

Top-5 bowlers of first class cricket

  • After Wilfred Rhodes, Tick Freeman’s name comes in terms of taking the most wickets in first class cricket. This English spinner has taken 3776 wickets in just 592 matches between 1914 and 1936. During this, his bowling average has been 18.42. Freeman has taken 66 wickets in 12 Test matches at the international level.
  • Here at number three is Charlie Parker. Charlie is also from England and has been a spinner. Charlie has taken 3278 wickets in 635 first class matches between 1903 and 1935. During this, his bowling average has been 19.46. Charlie played only one test, in which he took 2 wickets.
  • England’s medium pacer Jack Hearn is at the fourth position in this list. By the way, Hearn was the first bowler to complete 3000 wickets in first class matches. Hearn played a total of 639 first class matches between 1888 and 1923. Here he took 3061 wickets at a bowling average of 17.75. Hearn played 12 Test matches at international level and took 49 wickets.
  • The last name in this list of top-5 is that of English spinner Tom Goddard. Tom played 593 first class matches between 1922 and 1952 and took 2979 wickets at a bowling average of 19.84. Tom got a chance to play only 8 Tests at the international level, in which he took 22 wickets.

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