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Chips Packet: Many people like to eat chips. Because its taste is so delicious and the packaging is so heavy that it feels like eating it. Many people eat chips to keep their mood good. You too must have eaten chips many times, although your mind is filled with the taste of chips, but you never get a packet full of chips. Whenever we open a packet of chips, the first thing we see is a half full packet and it is annoying. For this reason, there are many people around us who say that ‘the price is so much and the work is so much’. Although there is a special reason behind this. Find out why chips are always less in packets.

In fact, according to the UK’s Snack, Nut and Crisp Manufacturers Association, half the packet is left empty to keep the chips fresh for longer. Chips are very fragile. Even the slightest touch can break them. In such a situation, due to the swelling of the packet of chips, the air filled inside works to protect the chips from breaking. A study by CDA Appliances in 2017 found that about 72 percent of chips packets are empty. Only 28 percent of the packets contain chips.

Why is nitrogen gas filled in the packet of chips?

Now you must be thinking that 72% of a packet of chips is only air? So an empty packet is not just air but it is filled with nitrogen gas. This nitrogen gas prevents the chips kept in the packet from breaking and this gas also prevents the chips from spoiling quickly. A recent study by the Snack, Nut and Crisp Manufacturers Association found that in addition to preventing spoilage of chips, nitrogen gas also protects packets from damage.

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Chips are not prone to damage

Chips packaging expands and contracts with temperature. Due to this, the amount of gas in the packet is more in hot weather and less in cold weather. According to a 2017 study, the air inside the packet of chips keeps the chips fresh for a long time. This is not likely to damage it.

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