Why can’t 15 percent of people tell left from right?

Mumbai : The difference between right and left is simple. But, a recent research has revealed shocking information about this. A report in the Sage Journal has revealed that one in six people cannot tell the difference between left and right. According to this report, a 2020 study by van der Ham and colleagues found that about 15 percent of people have trouble differentiating between left and right.

According to the claim made in the report, many people were recruited to do the research. Many of them used hand signs to explain the difference between right and left. But, many people did not pay heed to this trend.

What does the research say?

Renowned British neurosurgeon Henry Marsh wrote in his book ‘A Life in Brain Surgery’ that he performed the wrong surgery on a patient’s brain. Because they did not see the difference between right and left. Along with this, when the then US President Donald Trump visited the Philippines in 2017, he was incensed when Trump was asked to shake hands. After this the discussion of difference between right and left started.

impact on doctors

According to a BBC report, Professor Gerald Gormley of Queen’s University of Ireland published a research paper titled Medical Education. This research states that many doctors and medical students face the problem of differentiating between right and left. Research reports say that medical science needs a lot of attention on this. If this problem is not resolved then it can directly affect the patients.

According to research, children can differentiate between right and left more quickly than adults. Alice Gomez and her team at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center in France have done research on this. In research they found that children made fewer mistakes in differentiating between right and left. All the children who participated in this research were between the ages of 5 and 7. Van der Ham says, “If you’re going somewhere and a child is next to give directions, they can guide you properly.

distinguish between right and left

If you connect the first finger of your left hand with your thumb, you will see a figure similar to the English letter b. This B means statement ie left. Similarly, if you do the same with your right hand, you will see a shape similar to the letter d. This gh means dayan (witch) means right.

what’s the risk?

Its dangers are also many because it does not understand Ajawi and the Left. According to Gerard Gormley, doctors used to forget the difference between right and left during surgery like Henry Marsh, so their mistake could lead to the death of the patient. Apart from this, Gormley has said that if the Titanic’s driver had turned left instead of right, the ship would have been saved from sinking.

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