WEF Report World Economic Forum At Its Annual Meeting 2023 Cyberattack In Two Years

World Economic Forum Report: Big news is coming out about cyber security in the country and the world. The World Economic Forum has revealed this in one of its reports. There have been signs of seriousness about cyber security in companies. Also, it has been revealed in the report that, companies around the world need to focus on cyber security for the next two years. These can prove to be disastrous for cyber security in the coming two years. That is, there is a possibility of fierce cyber attack. Know what is special in the report….

This is the report of WEF

A report has been presented by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in its annual meeting-2023. In this, information is coming out that the role of cyber security is increasing rapidly in the investment decisions of the companies of the country and the world. A large number of companies are feeling that global geopolitical instability can become the reason for a devastating cyber attack in the next 2 years.

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According to the report, half of the companies involved in this survey feel that looking at the current situation, they should re-evaluate the countries of their business. So that they can get an idea of ​​the damage done to them in advance. More than 93 percent of Cyber ​​Security Specialists and 86 percent of big business personalities have participated in this WEF survey. He says that ‘in the next 2 years, a phase of a big and destructive cyber incident can come to the fore. It is being told that the difference in the skills of the employees is also proving to be a big risk for the society. The conclusion of Global Cyber ​​Security Scenario-2023 has included the opinion of more than 300 experts.

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This WEF report has been prepared in collaboration with Accenture. It has also been said in this report that awareness and necessary preparation helps organizations to deal with cyber risk. Emphasized the need to address the shortage of skilled experts. About 34 percent of cyber security experts say their team is short of some skilled people, while 14 percent said they have a significant skill shortage. Such a problem is more pronounced in key sectors such as energy utilities.

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