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water tank line design: Every day we come across many such things which have something special in their design. However, we often do not understand the logic behind it. Actually, there is some logic in the design of many things, which we ignore, but they are very important according to science. An example of this is the water tank on the roof. You must have seen the water tank many times, but why this tank is not straight and what is the reason for the line formed in this tank? Have you ever thought that? Today we are going to tell you exactly why these lines are made in the water tank. let’s find out.

Why are lines drawn? Why are lines drawn?

The line in the water tank is only part of the design. But, this design has also been made with some special thinking. According to this design it helps in conserving water. These lines made in the water tank make the tank strong. And work to make the water tank durable in all seasons.

Tank doesn’t expand in summer

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Plastic tanks are often at risk of spillage during the summer. But, during this time these lines work to strengthen it and prevent it from spreading. Actually, wherever these lines are made, the specialty of those places is that their arms are strong. Since there are strong parts, the plastic tank does not spread.

helps control pressure

You will know where these lines are by touching the tank. There you will see a strong water tank. It helps to withstand the pressure of water. In a way, it acts as the base in any composition. For this reason, companies use the line while making plastic tanks.

If plastic tanks do not have these lines and the structure remains completely simple, there is a risk of tank bloating. Because plastic cannot withstand that much pressure. The special design of this line makes the tanks strong and long-lasting.

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