Trending News: Video: Video of Abdu Rojik’s Dubai home went viral, leaving people in tears

Everyone’s favorite Abdu Rojik’s house in Bigg Boss 16 was recently shown in Bigg Boss. Tears welled up in the eyes of those watching Chhote Bhaijaan’s house in the show. Yes, recently Bigg Boss viewers got a chance to see the luxurious house, car and life of Abdu Rojik, a resident of Tajikistan. Even Sajid Khan had tears in his eyes after seeing his house and said that he too does not have such a house. Come, let us show you the flat of Bigg Boss 16 contestant Abdu Rojik’s house.

Abdu Rojik’s house seen in Bigg Boss

Recently in Bigg Boss 16 all the contestants’ family members had come. Some’s mother and some’s relative boosted the morale of their contestants by entering the show. But Abdu Rojik’s family is out of the country and he was not able to come to India. In such a situation, Bigg Boss showed the conversation of his parents and brother through video call.

People’s favorite Abdu Rozik

Abdu Rozic’s father spoke to his son first. Told him that the people of India are loving their beloved very much. He played like this and moved on. Then Bigg Boss called Abdu Rojik and Sajid Khan to the confession room. Here Abdu Rojik spoke to his brother on a video call. During this his brother presented Abdu’s entire house, room, car and everything.

Abdu Rogic’s grand house
In this video you can see that Abdu Rojik’s house in Dubai is very big. He lives in this grand house. Be it his car or room, everything is big. Sajid Khan’s eyes also get moist seeing the lavish style of the house.

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