Urfi Javed told why she wears multicolored clothes, gave a befitting reply to those who threatened to rape

Urfi Javed, who is always trolled for her clothes and dressing style, is currently in trouble. Urfi Javed is receiving rape and death threats because of her clothes. Recently, Urfi Javed had lodged a complaint in this regard with the Maharashtra Women’s Commission. Urfi Javed is surprised that other girls and heroines wear such clothes. But they are not told anything. Whereas in Urfi every aspect has been targeted.

Urofi Javed recently talked about this with our colleague ETimes. He told why she wears more revealing clothes. At the same time, he also reacted to the ruckus caused by him. Urfi Javed said that he now needs security. She is scared and feels insecure.

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Urfi Javed sought security after threats

Urfi Javed had lodged a complaint with the Women’s Commission after receiving rape and death threats. In the complaint, Urfi sought security for herself saying she did not feel safe. Acting on Urfi Javed’s complaint, the Women’s Commission appealed to the Mumbai Police to take the matter seriously. Regarding this, Urfi Javed said, ‘There are many big political leaders who want to take things in their hands. If they think something is illegal, they should go to the police or court. But here people are taking law into their hands and openly threatening to kill me. So I feel insecure and I am left with no other option. It is not some ordinary person who is threatening me, but a politician who has power over many people. Many people follow him. And in this way he can influence people to kill me. This is not correct.’

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Urfi Javed told why she wears such clothes

Whenever Urfi wears an unusual outfit, people say that she does it all for attention. When asked about this, Urfi Javed said, ‘Who decides what is right and what is not? Celebs say that I am doing all this for attention. Yes, I am doing this for attention. Everything in this industry is for publicity and attention, so what’s wrong with that?

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‘These people want to get attention from my name’

Urfi Javed further said, ‘I am only 25 years old who has not done anything wrong and these people are making me a criminal. They are complaining about my clothes but are not ready to say anything to those who have been threatening me with murder and rape. These people have no problem with my clothes, they are just using my name to get attention. I’m not the only girl to dress like this. There are many girls who upload pictures wearing bikini. Today they are trying to dictate to me. Gradually he would like to control all the girls and tell them what to wear.

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The housemates are scared for Urfi

She is troubled by the threats Urfi Javed is receiving, but because of this she is facing more trouble, as her parents are under stress. Urfi told that his family members do not interfere in his life. But after receiving threats of rape and murder, he is scared about his safety. Urfi said, ‘Whenever my mother hears such things, she gets very scared. This is because threats are being received not only on social media but also on the phone.

Karni Sena’s threat after Chitra Wagh

Recently, BJP leader Chitra Wagh lodged a complaint against Urfi Javed. He said that the way Urfi roams in public places wearing clothes, it sends a wrong message among the people. Chitra Wagh accused Urfi of spreading obscenity publicly. After Chitra Wagh, now Karni Sena has also threatened Urfi Javed. Urfi Javed worked in TV serials like ‘Meri Durga’ and ‘Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania’. She was also seen in ‘Bigg Boss OTT’.

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