Twitter Layoff Elon Musk Can Layoff Over 2000 Employees From Twitter Know Details

Twitter Layoffs: Twitter CEO Elon Musk said a few weeks ago that there would be no layoffs from Twitter. Meanwhile, a report is claiming that Twitter is preparing for mass layoffs and may lay off 50 employees. On the other hand, the news agency Insider, citing two people aware of the matter, said that it has been planned to remove 50 employees from the social media site. These layoffs can reduce the headcount of the company to less than 2,000.

Reuters reported that Twitter did not respond to its mail. Although it is believed that to reduce the loss of Twitter, Elon Musk may lay off employees on a large scale. Let us tell you that Elon Musk bought Twitter for $ 44 billion in October. Since then, Musk has made many major changes in Twitter.

Twitter has laid off 50 percent of its employees

Elon Musk fired the first employees after the world’s second richest person Elon Musk took over Twitter. At the global level, 50 percent of the employees have lost their jobs. On the other hand, according to a report, there has been a loss in Twitter’s revenue. Twitter’s revenue has decreased by 40 percent year on year.

Microsoft fired 10,000 employees

Twitter is going to lay off its employees for the second time. Whereas before this, the global giant tech company Microsoft has laid off 10,000 employees. On Wednesday, January 18, Microsoft has reduced a total of 5 percent of its employees. Giving information in the regulatory filing, the company said that due to macroeconomic conditions and changing preferences of customers, the employees have been retrenched.

These companies also fired employees

Before Twitter and Microsoft, e-commerce company Amazon has fired 10,000 employees. At the same time, employees like Wipro, TCS, Facebook, Google and Infosys have fired employees. Globally, a total of 1,024 tech companies have laid off more than 154,000 employees in 2022. Wipro laid off 500, TCS laid off more than 2000, Infosys laid off 2,200 employees.

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