Today is the chance, tomorrow may or may not be….. One to one useful things are available here for only Rs 99, see the list

If something is available cheaply, then we Indians cannot refuse it. If we see any cheap item in the market, we make it our own in the blink of an eye. Something similar is currently going on on the e-commerce website. Actually, sales are going on on different e-commerce websites, under which items are available at cheap or heavy discounts. A sale is going on on Amazon called Republic Day which will run till January 20. There are some items in this sale that you can make your own for Rs.99. Yes, only in 99. Know about it.

Zebronics Mouse
Whether in office or at home, laptop or desktop, we need a mouse to work comfortably. If you are also looking for a mouse, then you can buy wired mouse of ZEBRONICS company for Rs.99 from the public. By the way, its price is Rs 300, on which a discount of about 67% is being given.

Tablet or Mobile Stand
Tablet or Mobile Stand is available on Amazon for just Rs.89 while its price is Rs.499. You can easily use it at office or home. If you are doing some work in the kitchen and watching a video or movie, then you can easily do both with the help of the stand.

Ear phone
You can buy wired ear phone for just Rs.99 under Republic Day Sale. By the way, normal wired Earphones cost 300 to 400 rupees but under the sale you can make Kratos Thump wired earphones  your own for just Rs 99.

If you live in a place where there are frequent power cuts, you can buy a USB LED light for just Rs.59. In this price you will get not one but 2 e-cosmos portable USB lights. You can easily light it up in case of a power outage.

USB Cable
If your USB cable is damaged or you are thinking of buying a new USB cable, then you can buy Boat’s Micro USB under sale for just Rs.99 at this time. Huh. By the way, the price of this cable is Rs 499, on which a discount of up to 80% is being given.

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