Toby Jones Bio, Family, Career, Net Worth and Personal Life

Tobias Edward Haslewood Jones (Toby Jones) is a famous English actor. He is now thirty three. He started his career in 1992. At first he appeared in supporting roles, but then shot to fame in 2006 by playing Truman Capote in Notorious. Some of his other notable films are The Hunger Games, The Mist, Dad’s Army, Tale of Tales. , even more. Apart from this, he also appeared in famous TV series. For his roles, he won several awards. Read more about Toby Jones biography here.

background information

Toby Jones was born in Hammersmith, London. Her date of birth is September 7, 1966. The name of her parents is Jennifer Jones and Freddie Jones. He has two siblings named Rupert who is a director and Casper who is an actor. He went to Christ Church Cathedral School and then to Abingdon School in Oxfordshire. He then went to Manchester University to study drama.


– Acting and Television Career

Jones has appeared in over 20 films. He started acting in a movie called Orlando. He then also starred as a teacher in the Harry Potter films. He starred in the historical film Elizabeth I. In the 2010 episode Dr. Who appeared as the Lord of Dreams and played the role of Samuel Ratchet in the series “Murder on the Orient Express”.

In 2011, he starred in Marvel’s Captain America as Arnim Zola. In 2012 he played Dr. in Red Lights. Starring as Paul Shackleto. In 2018 he starred as Mr. Eversoul in the film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

– Radio Career

In 2003, Jones was part of the radio adaptation of Bridgeshead Revisited. He voiced Lord Brideshead. In 2020 he provided the voice of the character Falstaff for the radio adaptation of the play Henry IV, Part 1.

– Stage Career

In 2001, Jones starred in Kenneth Branagh’s The Play What I Wrote. He has won many awards for his acting. Most recently in 2020 he starred as Connor McPherson in Uncle Vanya, an adaptation of Anton Chekhov.

private life

Toby Jones marries Karen

Toby had known his wife, Karen, for twenty-five years prior to their marriage. They met in 2014 and started a relationship. They have two children named Holly and Madeleine. Karen works as a criminal defense attorney. Toby lives in South London with his wife and children. Toby shared in an interview that one thing they have in common in their careers is that they are both part of the biography business. He is very close to his family.

tony jones net worth

The actor has an illustrious career as he has featured in popular roles and because of this his net worth is huge. He starred in movies like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games which made a lot of money. Along with his acting career, he is also a part of radio and stage production. Hence, the money that he gets from this sector also gets added to his net worth. His net worth this year is estimated at $145 million.


Toby Jones is a versatile actor. He is a great performer on stage as well as in films. She is well versed in the art of acting and that is why she is approached by the best directors of the industry.

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