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Toast making process: Toast with tea and milk is still a favorite breakfast. Even today, in many places, cookies and toast of big brands are eaten with great gusto. Many people find toast very tasty, but many misinformation is also being spread about it on social media. Apart from this, various things are said about the process of making toast. Many say that toast is made from expired bread. Here we will learn how exactly these toasts are made.

Is toast made from stale bread?

First of all, it is important to know that stale bread does not make toast, hence this is a misconception. The way of making toast is different and now toast is made by machine. In which special care is taken for cleanliness. So toast is made in an unhygienic manner, it is wrong to say that once made it cannot be eaten.

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So how is bread made?

Mainly flour is used to make toast and it is made by adding salt and many other things to the flour. After this all this mixture is mixed together. It takes a long time for all this mixture to come together. Once it is well mixed, it is made into buns, i.e. dough balls to make bread. After this the process of making its long buns begins. After this they are baked.

After the buns are baked in two different ways, they are cut into toast shapes. After this they are baked again in another machine. After baking three times their toasts are ready. Also, over-baking makes them very hard and crispy.

One thing to note is that in big cities the entire process of making toast is done by machines. However, in small villages, the whole process of making toast is done by laborers by hand, due to which many people shy away from eating it. In this way, the process of baking the toast used in the daily breakfast is completed.

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