Tired Of Uber And Ola Surge Prices InDrive App Offer Negotiation How Does It Work

Drive: In cities like Delhi, there is a continuous increase in the prices of autos and cabs. It has come to the point that even for 1 KM, Rs 50 is being demanded. It is not easy for low salary or low earning people to bear these expenses. However, many reasons are given behind this, such as the increase in oil prices and the weakening of the rupee in comparison to the dollar. Apart from this, the prices of cabs and autos also change many times depending on the traffic conditions in the city. Now there is no way to deal with this, because Ola and Uber have dominated this sector. Although now slowly some platforms are coming to the fore.

New platform for cab and auto booking

We are going to talk about InDrive in this news. This app functions like Ola and Uber. You can book autos and cabs with this app. This app has been downloaded more than 100 million times from Google Play. Now some people must be thinking that what are you doing brother? Where is the app? Where did it come from? So be patient, everyone tells. This app was launched in Yakutsk, a city in Russia. Later the company launched the app in 47 countries. The headquarters of this company is in California. Talking about India, in November 2022, the company has launched this app in New Delhi. You can download the InDrive app from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

App Features

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The specialty of this app is that as soon as you add the location in it, the app calculates the fare and tells you. You can negotiate the fair that has come to the fore. Let’s tell from the example. If the fare is Rs.200 and you want to pay only Rs.150, then you can add this price. After this, the app will show Rs 150 to the drivers. In such a situation, if a driver is ready at this price, then your booking will be confirmed. This way you can save some money on cab or auto booking. However, this is not possible every time.

This app is also available in the market

You must be aware of Ola and Uber, and we have told you in detail about InDrive, but there is also a Rapido app apart from these apps. If you book a ride then you can try this app.

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