Trending News: This is Asha Bhosle’s granddaughter Janai, seeing the pictures you will also say she is no less than an actress

Asha Bhosle’s son’s name is Anand Bhosle and daughter-in-law’s name is Anuja Bhosle. Who has two children, his younger daughter’s name is Janai Bhosle. Who was born on 16 January 2002 in Mumbai.

Like her grandmother, Janai is also a singer and musician. Not only this, he is also a social media influencer. Who has 47.9 thousand followers on Instagram. Apart from having a great voice, Janai is also very beautiful.

Janai competes with big actresses in terms of beauty and Janai’s pictures are also very viral on social media. Be it Indian or Western, the looks of Zenai are amazing. Janai Bhosle has sung songs in many Marathi films till now.

Janai often shares her photos on Instagram. Long hair, black eyes and fair complexion add beauty to her.

Janai Music works with the band Six Pack, India’s first transgender band. Not only this, Asha Bhosle’s granddaughter is also a dancer. In 2016, he did a dance show in Birmingham, England. She has also been a basketball player.

Now take a look at the video in which Jenai is seen singing along with her grandmother Asha Bhosle and setting the tone for ‘Tu Tu Hai Wahi Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha’.

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