Thermoglide launched to screen and treat ovarian cancer

health News , MobileODT, an Israeli femtech startup focused on AI-assisted cervical screening, has launched its new device, Thermoglide, in collaboration with Genworks, India’s leading digital medical and healthcare solutions provider. It is a lightweight, portable, FDA-approved device that simultaneously examines and treats women with ovarian cancer.

Infection of the uterus is common in women, especially in women of childbearing age. But only a few women take the initiative to get themselves tested. In fact, medical research has shown that many women find the contemporary treatment process painful, long and tedious. For example, cervical ectopy is a common disease. This can cause a lot of discharge and as a result, many women may feel anxious and distressed. Several studies prove this, including one published in BMC Medicine.

A separate study also demonstrated a link between IUCD (intrauterine contraceptive device), cervicitis, and ectopic use. Another study showed that treating cervical ectopics may protect against cervical cancer. It is the second most common type of cancer in women in India after breast cancer.

The battery-powered device uses ThermoGlide thermo-coagulation technology, which destroys tissue using heat. This is different from cryotherapy. Another popular approach is cryotherapy, which uses cold temperatures to freeze tissue. According to the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Research, thermo-coagulation is as effective and safe as cryotherapy and can be readily used to treat high-grade cervical lesions.

Thermoglide will be an effective solution: Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar,

“People are having great results with Thermoglide for ectopic pregnancy,” said Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar, medical director of Sanivas Health Care and clinical advisor for women’s health at Genworks. watery discharge and they don’t want it. Using cryotherapy in large lesions is also challenging, because of limitations in the technique. But Thermoglide can be an effective tool.

Doctor. Priya Ganesh further added, “According to MobileODT, this device can reduce the procedure time by heating up rapidly in about eight seconds, and maintain a temperature of 100 degree Celsius, allowing for faster healing of the cervix. With the Thermoglide, I can use hot.” Testing at many places and that too in a short span of time.”

Leon Boston, CEO of MobileODT, said, “The Thermoglide is an indispensable tool for every gynecologist because of its versatility, practicality and ease of use. The device can treat pre-cancerous lesions and precancerous lesions with a simple, painless and quick procedure. Can treat Cervicitis. We are launching Thermoglide in India with the help of our partner Genworks. Proud and happy. India is an important market for us.”

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