‘Survivor’ Season 46 Extends Its Record for Most Players Voted Out with Idols

This post contains spoilers from the May 15 episode of Survivor.

In Survivor 46’s “My Messy, Sweet Little Friend” episode last week, Venus became the fourth player of the season to be voted out with a hidden immunity idol, helping season 46 break the all-series record for most players sent home with an unused idol.

Episode 12, titled “Mamma Bear,” highlighted Q finding an idol but failing to use it a tribal council, making him the fifth player — the fourth in a row — to do so this season and extending the all-series record to five players.

Other than the Q elimination, the penultimate episode focused on Maria and Charlie, who are the tightest and most successful duo this season, secretly gunning for each other as the next blindside.

Q competes in a challenge during episode 12.


Charlie won the reward challenge early in the episode, earning himself a Chinese feast and letters from a loved one from home. Host Jeff Probst then told him he could pick two of the other remaining five players to join him. 

Stressed with the weight of the decision, he decided to not choose his closest ally, opting to bring Liz and Kenzie for very different reasons. 

Charlie selected Liz because she hasn’t eaten, or notably pooped, in more than 20 days of being a castaway in Fiji. “There are people in this game who aren’t rooting for you, but there are people at home who are,” Liz said in a confessional after reading her letter from her daughter. 

Charlie competes in the May 15 reward challenge.


Charlie also brought Kenzie because he wanted her to read a letter from her fiancé, who Kenzie was supposed to marry “yesterday,” but he had moved their wedding back so she could compete on Survivor

Meanwhile, Charlie received a letter from his girlfriend, who reminded him that she, his mom and dad want him to be victorious in the end.

“They all told me to play to win. If I’m going to play to win, that means I’m going to have to betray Maria,” Charlie admitted in a confessional.

Kenzie, Maria, Liz, Charlie, Ben and Q get ready for the immunity challenge.


At the reward feast, Charlie, Liz and Kenzie agreed that they wanted to vote out Maria because “she’s unstoppable.” And unstoppable she was.

Later, Maria won the challenge, snagging her third individual immunity win of the season and guaranteeing her spot in the finale. “That went from competitive to a blowout,” Probst declared after Maria’s win. 

With their plan foiled, the feast trio set their sights on taking out Maria’s ally, Q. Meanwhile, Maria tried to rally the troops against Charlie.

Q was the 13th player voted out in the May 15 episode.

Robert Voets/CBS

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While casting her vote for Charlie at tribal council, Maria quipped in secret to the camera that she “can’t wait for the boys to meet Uncle Charlie.”

However, Charlie, Liz, Kenzie and Ben surprised Maria by instead voting out Q, who didn’t use his immunity idol and became the fifth player this season who was eliminated with an idol.

Next week in the finale episode Maria will have to explain to Charlie why she voted for him, and the other players will have to explain why they didn’t vote for Charlie like they had agreed.

Survivor season 46 airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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