Sunil Gavaskar reacts to Sarfaraz Khan’s exclusion from the Indian Test team

Sunil Gavaskar on Sarfaraz Khan: Sarfaraz Khan, who has been performing brilliantly for the last three seasons in domestic cricket, is angry with cricket fans to experts and former cricketers for not getting a place in the Test team against Australia. For the last few days, continuous statements are coming in support of Sarfaraz. Now in this sequence, veteran cricketer Sunil Gavaskar has lashed out at the BCCI and the selectors.

The major reason for Sarfaraz Khan not being selected in the Indian team against Australia is being told about his fitness. When Sunil Gavaskar was questioned on this matter in a conversation with India Today, he said, “If you are only looking for slim and trim boys, then you should go to a fashion show and find some models there and give them balls and balls.” Bat should be caught and then they should be taught to play cricket.

Gavaskar said, ‘It doesn’t happen like this in cricket. You will have cricketers of every shape and size. Don’t go by the size. You have to go to the score and the wicket. He does not go out of the field after scoring a century. He stays on the ground all the time. This tells that he is completely fit.

‘Constantly playing well means you are fit’
Gavaskar says, ‘If you are not fit then how can you score centuries again and again. Cricket fitness is most important. The only yo-yo test cannot be the selection criteria. You have to be sure whether the person is fit for cricket or not. If you are playing consistently well i.e. you are fit for cricket then other things don’t matter.

Sarfaraz is in excellent form
Sarfaraz Khan’s bat has been spewing a lot of runs in domestic cricket for the last three seasons. In first class cricket, this batsman scored 928 runs at an average of 154.66 in 2019-20. After this, in 2021-22, he scored 982 runs at an average of 122.75. Even in the 2022-23 season, he has scored more than 900 runs so far. He has so far scored more than three and a half thousand runs in 53 innings of 37 first class matches. His batting average here has been more than 80. In terms of batting average in first class cricket, Sarfaraz Legend is second only to Australian cricketer Don Bradman.

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