Trending News: Shreejita Dey said- I had crossed the limits while talking about Tina Dutta, I regret those things

As the finale of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ draws closer, the tension in the house is increasing. Sometimes someone gets angry on small things and sometimes someone crosses all limits while speaking on national TV. This time the audience evicted Sreejita Dey from the house. Like everyone else, Sreejita Dey aspired to reach the finale and touch the finish line, but the wild card entry could not make her dream come true for the second time as well. She regrets the controversy with Tina Dutta and the things done about her on TV, but she does not blame only herself for this. She says that one hand does not clap. Because Tina also spoke a lot about me, so I also spoke. However, I believe I crossed the line during that time. Let’s know what Sreejita Dey said about this show and the family members in conversation with NBT, Lucknow’s reporter Vertul Awasthi.

want to sleep 18 hours

There is a lot I want to do after I leave the Bigg Boss 16 house. I wish I could get at least 18 hours of sleep. During this time no one should disturb my sleep. After that I want to take the car and go out in the open air and sunlight. For a long time I did not get sunlight and open air. Now that I’m out, my first job is to check out my favorite things. I want to eat things like pani puri, biryani which I like. Actually, we do not get pizza-burger, pasta etc. in Bigg Boss house, so we miss all this a lot there.

did some homework last week

Every contestant has a journey in Bigg Boss house, there is time. Maybe my travel and time was over that’s why I didn’t get voted. As far as being fired for showing less interest in household work is concerned, it is wrong. This is not a solid reason. Many people do not work. I used to do all these things like washing dishes, cooking food properly. Maybe, in the last week I did a little homework because I injured my knee at that time. It was difficult for me to do work like sweeping then.

priyanka chaudhary i felt true

I found Priyanka Chaudhary real in Bigg Boss house. My bonding with him had become very strong. I really like them. Her truth is that she speaks clearly about what she thinks is wrong. We both have many things in common. It can be said that our point of view is similar. Like them, I also say what I feel bad and what I think is right, I stand by it till the end. Because of this, we had a very good bond with each other.

no plans work

To be honest, no planning works in Bigg Boss house. According to today, you will do some planning inside the house, tomorrow something else will be seen. All plans will be on hold as other participants are also making their plans. This time I did what felt right to me according to the flow. What can I say about why I was dropped early the first time. Anyway, 14-15 days is very less to understand a contestant. Can you show your game in such a short time? Because of this, the audience could not understand me at first and down voted me. The second time when I entered the house through a wild card entry, he liked my energy more. That’s why I got their support and I was able to stay in Bigg Boss house for a long time.

Sajid Khan’s arrogance was not liked

Sajid Khan plays a good game. Maybe they have seen the last few seasons. His game is very good. I got on well with him. However, in the past, he had become hyper about eviction. His way of speaking was like boasting, which I also did not like. Maybe he has guessed or he is confident that he can go till the finale. He must have thought himself capable of reaching the finale, which is why he was repeatedly saying during the fight that no one can stop me from going there.

While leaving the house, Tina’s complaints went away.

You had spoken so much in front of the camera about Tina Dutta that everyone’s ears stood up. Do you consider this step of yours correct? Shreejita said – Right and wrong happen on both sides. Some people in the house will be in your favor and some will be in opposition. This whole game is of perception. There is nothing like right or wrong, black and white. Some people will try to understand your point of view and will take your side, while some will understand other’s point of view and take their side. This is the condition of the Bigg Boss show. Yes, I agree that I crossed the line. Perhaps, I didn’t need to speak so much inside the show and in front of the camera. Before leaving home, I wanted to leave all my grievances there. I had also said sorry to Tina about this matter. I told him that you can never clap with one hand. You have hurt my heart a lot. You have said a lot about me. When I came earlier, I was not saying anything, even then you kept talking about me. When I went out and saw what you said about me, I burst into tears. I was feeling bad, so after coming again, I also spoke a lot about you. But it was all part of the game. Let us end our complaints here. He also agreed on this. Maybe if it was someone else, I would not have spoken so much, but there was a lot about me in that too.

Sreejita wanted to go till the finale

Like everyone else, I wanted to reach the finale, wanted to touch the finish line, but wishing doesn’t make everything happen. My journey was till here. I think this time either Priyanka or Shiv can be the winner of Bigg Boss.

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