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Spices and Benefits: The real taste of our food comes from the spices present in it. You will find many types of spices in your kitchen, which are beneficial not only for taste but also for health. These spices are usually made from small grains. Let us know the benefits of these spices.

Fenugreek (Methi)

We often add fenugreek seeds to many food items, its taste is slightly bitter, which reduces the sweetness of the food and gives a spicy taste to the food. Along with taste, it is also beneficial for health. It also helps in reducing blood sugar levels. It improves the functioning of insulin, thereby controlling the sugar level in the body.


We often eat fennel as a mouth freshener. Mixing it in food gives excellent aroma to the food. This improves the taste of food. Apart from this, eating it also improves digestion. So it may be worthwhile to make it a part of your spice box.


Cumin is the most common part of our kitchen. The first step to make vegetable is to crack the cumin seeds. It is roasted and made into powder, which can be used in food in many ways. It can be boiled in water and drunk, which is beneficial for weight loss and digestion.

black pepper

Black pepper gives a spicy taste to the food, which makes the food very tasty. You can crush it or use its powder. Eating this provides relief from problems like cold and cough.


We mostly use mustard as a spice in any dish, which gives a good aroma and also changes the taste of the food. It is also added to food in powder form. There are many varieties of mustard. Black and yellow mustard are commonly used.

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