care-tips-face-swelling-causes-prevention-and-home-remedies | Health Tips: Does your face get swollen from time to time? There can be ‘these’ reasons and ‘these’ ways to get rid of them.

health tips: If there is swelling on the face for a long time, then be careful, because it can be an alarm bell. According to dermatologists, swelling on the face can be mainly due to three reasons. Many times after waking up from sleep, there is swelling for some time. This may be the reason for the accumulation of fluid on the face while sleeping. It is common in people who sleep on their stomach or sleep with their head down. But if the swelling persists for a long time, then there can be other reasons as well. Let us know the causes of swelling of the face and easy ways to prevent it.

Top 3 Causes of Facial Swelling

1. Skin allergies
Allergy can be due to fever or wrong eating habits. This can cause swelling on the face. Allergies can be caused by pollen, pet dander or certain foods, insect bites. Allergies can cause sinus congestion and facial swelling.

2. Loss of skin elasticity
Swelling can also occur on the face due to reduced elasticity of the skin. With age, the elasticity of the skin decreases, leading to nighttime fluid retention and facial swelling. It’s hard to stop. Because with age the skin becomes loose. However, you can soften the skin to some extent by increasing the skin’s natural collagen production.

3. Consumption of salt and alcohol
Excessive consumption of alcohol and salt can also cause swelling on the face. Sometimes sodium rich foods cause this problem. Facial swelling can also be a sign of dehydration. Especially when high amounts of salt and alcohol are used. Dehydration can lead to water retention in the body. This can cause swelling on the face.

Remedies to get rid of facial swelling
1. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Hydration helps reduce swelling by removing excess fluid from the body.
2. Avoid eating salty and processed foods. Because high sodium level can cause water retention.
3. Use more than one pillow to elevate your head while sleeping. Due to this, fluid will not accumulate in the tissues of the face and there will be no swelling.
4. Rubbing the face with cold for some time in the morning provides relief from swelling.

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