Rubbing palms is beneficial, you will get these 5 health benefits

Benefits of rubbing palms: more than you winter when it seems palm rubs against each other. Apart from this, you must have seen that if someone suddenly starts feeling dizzy or the body becomes cold, then the palms of the hands or feet rub against each other. But have you ever thought why they do this? Rubbing the palms together improves blood circulation in the body. Rubbing the palms of the hands together increases the pressure on the acupressure points. This generates heat in the body and increases energy. It has many other benefits, read about them in detail.

Rubbing the palms of the hands can handle the situation if there is a delay in medication or treatment in case of an emergency. But it is not only beneficial when you are sick, but there are many benefits of rubbing your palms daily. You can make this habit in your daily life and it will be very beneficial for your health.

Benefits of rubbing the palms of the hands

Rubbing the palms of the hands is very important in both Ayurveda and Yoga. You can get many benefits from this and the most important thing is that it does not require much time or effort.

‘these’ are benefits

good for the eyes

When you place your palms on your eyes after rubbing them together, the warmth of the palms reduces eye strain. It also improves blood circulation around the eyes. This removes the fatigue of the eyes. First start rubbing the palms together slowly and then gradually increase the speed. Energy will be created in the palm. After this stop rubbing your hands and keep your hands on your eyes for 30 seconds. This reduces the strain on the eyes and helps in increasing the capacity of the eyes.

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improves blood circulation

Rubbing the palms together also increases blood circulation. Rubbing the palms of the hands increases pressure on acupressure points and stimulates blood circulation. This produces heat in the body. It gives you energy and also brings agility in your work.

Note: All the above things are being given by ABP Maa only as information to the readers. ABP does not take any claim from me. Therefore, any treatment, diet and medicine should be taken only after the advice of a specialist.

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