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relationship tips : When you are in a relationship with someone, it is not necessary that your partner be as serious as you. Sometimes you feel that your partner is giving you more time and love than you are giving him. So if you're going through emotional ups and downs, you may be prone to breadcrumbing. Many people are afraid to start a relationship, so they end up breaking up. So that they can live with you without putting in much effort. But these things play with the emotions of serious people. Is it breadcrumbing? trace

What is breadcrumbing?

“Breadcrumbing” is a dating phenomenon in which a person flirts with you from time to time in order to maintain a relationship, but has no intention of committing or opening up. Breadcrumbing is a behavior in which one partner gives time and love to the other. But it's all for show…people who behave like this give false expectations to their partners, seduce them romantically and trap them with their words. Such relationships usually disappoint you. If you are stuck in such a relationship in the hope of a happy relationship and future, then it can also be dangerous for your mental health.

Plans are constantly being canceled

Relationship expert Ruchi Rooh says that sometimes you may feel as if your friend or partner is treating you like breadcrumbs, but this is not actually breadcrumbing. You can understand this with an example. If a person says no to something, but makes an honest effort to do it again, it cannot be called breadcrumbing. But if they're constantly canceling plans or not making time to complete them, you might want to consider if they're breadcrumbing.

These signs indicate that your partner is harassing you

Sometimes it sends a lot of messages and sometimes it disappears completely

People who want to be in a serious relationship with you also love talking to you. But many people are unable to talk to you because they are busy with work. But breadcrumbers use the excuse of being busy.


If they're breadcrumbing, chances are you're their last priority. As a result, they only come to you when they are bored, who often have no interest in talking. But if they're sending messages suddenly, it could be a red flag.

they say one thing and do another

The actions of such people do not match their words. They will make some promises to you but will not fulfill them. They will make plans with you but give many excuses for not following through. They will never apologize to you for this, instead they will make you feel like they don't care. But people who are honest in a relationship behave like they can't lose you. Understand that the way some people interact with you when you call does not mean they are serious about the relationship.

don't want to talk about the future

When he messages you, he always says joking, teasing and teasing things. They will never be afraid to talk to you about any serious issue. This can make them restless and irritable. They will only talk to you superficially which means nothing. In such situations, you will notice that they either walk away from the conversation or try to change the topic.

Avoid personal visits

Your interactions with breadcrumbers may be filled with lots of messages and likes on social media, but they won't show any interest in spending time together in person. If you meet once, they may try to avoid a second meeting by showing you one-time love.

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