Record voice and apply status, this amazing update is coming in WhatsApp

There are more than 2 billion active users on WhatsApp. This instant messaging app is so famous among the common people that you will definitely see it in every person’s phone. Be it the small talk of the family or the big meeting of the corporate world or the big circular of the government, everything happens here and there with WhatsApp and why not because this app is so easy. You can also teach your grandmother or grandmother to run WhatsApp because it is very user friendly. That is, anyone can understand it in a moment. Meta makes many changes from time to time to improve the user experience. This year, many important updates are going to come on this app, which will completely change the user experience. Meanwhile, a new update regarding the app is that soon you will get the facility to add your voice to the status. Means now you will be able to set voice note as status. 

Make your voice your status

According to WABetaInfo, a website that monitors the development of WhatsApp, WhatsApp has been working on this new feature since last year. That is, the company has been working on the voice note feature since last year. According to the information, this year it can be made live for the people. According to the photo shared by WABetaInfo, you will see an option of voice note in the status column, which is still visible in the chat window. With this you will be able to put your voice as a status. Users will be able to record their voice only for 30 seconds and post audio status of that duration only. 

This voice note will be end to end encrypted and only those people to whom you want to show the status will see it. At present, this feature has been released for some beta users, which will be made live for the common people in the coming time.


What is WhatsApp Status?

Instant messaging app WhatsApp gives people the option to share text, photo, video or GIF as status, which remains active for 24 hours. That is, after this it is removed from the status. Status can be seen only by those people who are in your contact list and to whom you have  showed the status. That is, to whom you want to show. In a way, WhatsApp status gives us the option to keep our daily activities in front of everyone.

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