Prajakta Koli Will Representing India At Global Stage Of World Economic Forum In Davos Know About Her

Prajakta Koli in World Economic Forum: The new year has brought a great achievement for the country’s popular YouTuber Prajakta Koli. He has been selected to cover the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, one of the most important economic events in the world. Apart from him, there are five more YouTubers who have been given the opportunity to cover the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. In this way six youtubers or digital stars will represent India on this global platform.

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum is in Davos

Every year hundreds of global leaders, business tycoons, CEOs, social activists, celebrities and economists gather in Davos, Switzerland where they meet for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. This year, 52 governments and about 600 CEOs will participate in the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum to be held in Davos.

Some of the world’s most aware, passionate and socially active digital creators have also been chosen to cover the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting and help put the world’s most pressing issues to the fore. This year’s delegation will be the largest group of social media creators attending the World Economic Forum. With the help of YouTube stars, the World Economic Forum is expected to have a combined viewership of 230 million this year.

Apart from Prajakta Koli, who are the other YouTubers included?

Apart from Prajakta Koli, other YouTubers who got the opportunity to cover the event will be Adanna Stankar, Luis Villar, Vodemya and Natalya Arkuri along with Nuser Yasin. These people have covered this event before and this time also they will bring interesting stories and news from Davos in front of people.

Know Prajakta Koli

Prajakta Koli is 29 years old and runs India’s most popular female comedy YouTube channel. His YouTube channel Mostly Sane has a total of 68 lakh subscribers. It was started by Prajakta Koli with some comedy skits but recently he has also started interviewing some of the biggest stars of Bollywood on his channel. Along with his travel vlog, some other interesting things are also on his channel. Prajakta Koli is from Mumbai and apart from being a YouTuber, he is also an Influencer and Actor. Prajakta has 73 lakh followers on Instagram.

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