Trending News: Powerful trailer of Netflix’s web series ‘Class’, twist of death in the story of rich-poor students

Have you seen Karan Johar’s film ‘Student Of The Year’? In this, the story of poor and rich students was shown. The web series ‘Class’ is coming up with a similar story but with a twist. You can watch this series on Netflix. It is the Indian adaptation of the Spanish Netflix series Elite. Let’s know its story and when it is being streamed.

Web series coming on Netflix on February 3

Netflix India has released the trailer of ‘Class’ on Tuesday. Its caption reads, ‘You can enter this class, but can you be a part of it? #Kaksha starts 3rd February, only on Netflix. That is, you can watch this web show on 3 February. However, after watching the trailer, some users are saying that ‘I said this is Karan Johar’s school’.

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The story of three students in the trailer of ‘Klass’

As shown in the trailer of ‘Class’, Dheeraj, Bali and Saba are new scholarship students who have got admission in Hamptons, the most expensive school in Delhi. There are two types of people here, one is the world of the rich and the other is the world of the poor. When they meet, there is a lot of ruckus. A trio of students tries to fit into the world of the wealthy, but when the two worlds collide, friendships are torn apart, new secrets are revealed and trust is shattered. The police are called even for the death of a student and every student is viewed with suspicion.

The Cast Of ‘Class’

The story of this coming-of-age drama is riddled with mystery. It stars Gurfateh Peerzada, Anjali Sivaraman, Ayesha Kanga, Charan Chopra, Chintan Rachha, Kavoyal Singh, Madhyama Segal, Moses Kaul, Naina Bhan, Piyush Khati and Jane Shaw in pivotal roles.

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who wrote the story

It is produced by Bodhitree Multimedia Limited in association with Future East and The Indian Remake. It is written by Rajesh Devaraj, Kersi Khambata, Raghav Kakkar, Kashyap Kapoor and Bhaskar Hazarika. The sixth season of Elite was released in November 2022. Netflix has also renewed the Spanish series for a seventh season.

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