Phone Location, Phone Tracking, Tracking Your Phone, Track Location To Every App May Put You In Trouble Know How To Check If Someone Is Tracking Your Or Not

Technology has made our life easier and better than before. Today we all have a smartphone and we get many features in this smartphone. One of these is the feature of location. With this feature, we can easily locate ourselves in an unknown city. The location feature is a great work when needed and can get stuck in difficulties at times. There are many such apps in mobile which require access to the location. But do you know that someone can keep an eye on you morning and evening only through location. You will not be aware of this, but someone may be keeping an eye on you. Today, through this article, know how you can know who is tracking your location.

As per the requirement, we download many apps in mobile. When we install these apps, many permissions are asked from us. One of these permissions is also of location. In a hurry, we turn on all the permissions and from here the espionage begins. For example, if you download a calling app, it should not require location at all, nor should you give it location access. If you do this then the person who made this app can track you when, where, what you are doing. It is possible that he is giving information about your location to a third person. All this is possible in this digital age. That’s why it is important that you always give access to your location or anything else to the apps according to the need. Especially if you use third party apps a lot, then keep this in mind.

If you do not know that till now which apps you have given access to the location, then to know this you follow these steps,

First of all go to the settings of the Android phone and tap on the location option here
Now click on App Location. Here you will see all the apps to which you have given access to the location. If you want, you can turn off the location or manually remove access to the location from all the apps. Not only the location but also keep the important access like camera, microphone etc. limited. Privacy is very important in the digital age. If you are a little careless then anything can go wrong with you. It is not necessary that the wrong thing should happen physically with you, it is also possible digitally nowadays. So use the internet wisely.

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