Pet Dogs: How Safe Is It To Hug And Kiss Pets? Disclose ‘this’ information in research

pet dog , You must have often seen people hugging or kissing their pets. so sometimes domestic animal Lick them with your tongue. This is common for people who love pets or dogs and cats. It is seen as a way of expressing love towards the pet. But many people think that by kissing pets, we are at risk of spreading many types of infections. But now a new research has come out in this regard.

How safe is it to kiss dogs?

A new research has been done by Harvard University in this regard. Research has found that there are about 600 different types of bacteria in the mouth of dogs. Also, there are about 615 different types of bacteria in the human mouth. Humans and dogs have similar amounts of bacteria in their mouths. According to research, the bacteria found in the human mouth and the bacteria found in the dog’s mouth are almost the same. For this reason, it is believed that when you kiss a dog, it is not harmful to humans. Kissing does not allow bacteria from the dog’s mouth to enter your body and cannot affect your health.

Don’t mistake ‘it’ with other animals

At the same time, this research of Harvard University was done only on dogs. A cat or other animal that ingests small amounts of the bacteria. Apart from pets, you are also at risk of infection from street dogs. Stray dogs eat many things from the street or dirt, due to which bacteria start growing in their mouth which can cause many serious diseases. So if you kiss them, you are likely to get infected.

Avoid kissing the dog when given raw meat

If you feed raw meat to your pet, don’t accidentally kiss it. Eating raw meat puts dogs at risk of mouth diseases such as salmonella. In such a situation, kissing a dog that eats raw meat puts you at risk of getting this disease.

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