Pakistani Bowler Wasim Akram’s Son MMA Fighter Tahmoor Mixed Martial Arts

Wasim Akram Pakistan: Former Pakistan bowler Wasim Akram made many historical records during his career. Good batsmen used to leave sweat in front of his ball. But Akram’s son Taimur has taken a different route. Taimur has become a fighter of mixed martial arts. Recently, Akram told in an interview that his son Taimur is on his way to become a professional fighter. Taimur has also shared pictures on social media.

Akram told in a program about his son Taimur that he has become an MMA fighter. According to a news published on News18, Akram announced in UAE that Timur has become an MMA fighter. He has also participated in a fight. Taimur wants to become a professional fighter and that is why he is living in America.

According to the news, Akram said, “My son Taimur is living in America and there is not much cricket there. I have given my children the freedom to live life according to them. If he wants to become an MMA fighter, then he should try to turn his dream into reality.

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