‘We Lost Ourselves a Bit’ (Exclusive)

Sister country music duo Walker County was completely frustrated. “We just felt like we were not getting to be able to be ourselves,” says Ivy Walker, 29, during an interview with PEOPLE. “I remember last year we sat down with [writer/producer] Paul Sikes, and we were so frustrated with not being able to put out … Read more

The Cast of Kids Inc. Where Are They Now?

With years of entertaining us under their belts, it is easy to forget that Fergie, Mario Lopez and Jennifer Love Hewitt first came on TV when they were just kids. The three stars got their early start on Disney’s Kids Incorporated, which followed a group of kids in a rock band as they navigated crushes, … Read more

Everything Kris Jenner Has Said About Nicole Brown Simpson’s Tragic Murder

When Kris Jenner was just 17 years old, her late ex-husband Robert Kardashian Sr. introduced her to Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J. Simpson and they soon became best friends. The two families were incredibly close. For nearly two decades, the Kardashian-Simpson clans shared vacations with their children, celebrated countless birthdays and supported each other through … Read more