Oxfam India Report 21 Billionaires Wealth More Than 70 Crore People Of India | Oxfam India Report: Big disclosure

Oxfam India Report: Along with the population of the country, the number of rich has also increased. There are a total of 166 billionaires in India, who have immense wealth. The report of Oxfam India has revealed that 1% of India’s rich have more wealth than 40% of the population. Another shocking thing has come to light in this report that the country’s top billionaires have earned more than Rs 3000 crores every day after Kovid-19.

Huge increase in the wealth of 21 billionaires

Due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, there is a possibility of recession in the world. Meanwhile, the report of Oxfam India states that even after this epidemic, by November 2022, the wealth of these billionaires has increased by 121 percent. These 21 billionaires have added Rs 3600 crore to their wealth every day.

They have assets of more than 70 crore people

If you look at the specific figures of the report, it tells that only 1 percent of the country’s rich are there, who have as much wealth as even the 70 crore population does not have. In this simple language, 21 billionaires of the country have assets of more than 70 crore people.

high tax on middle class

According to the Oxfam India report, only 3% of the wealth is with 50% of the country’s population. It has been said in the report that the government is imposing more taxes on the middle class and the poor than on the rich. At the same time, the number of GST payers has increased to 64 percent. This amount is Rs 14.83 lakh crore. In this, out of 10 percent people, only 3 percent are rich.

The rich can afford the country

The wealth of the rich of the country has increased. Along with this, their number has also increased. During 2020, the number of these rich was 102 percent, which increased to 166 in 2022. It has also been claimed in the report that there are 100 billionaires in the country who can bear the expenses of the country for 18 months. The total net worth of these 100 rich is $660 billion.

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