Trending News: No Respect… Ekta Kapoor slapped Radhika Madan, the actress got caught commenting on TV

‘Kutte’ actress Radhika Madan has found it expensive to comment on the TV industry. Earlier, Sayantani Ghosh retaliated. He fiercely criticized the actress. It was said that from where she has learned, today she is calling them good and bad, which is very sad. Now producer Ekta Kapoor has also given a reaction. He has described it as sad and shameful. The producer has shared Sayantani’s video in his Instagram story and lashed out at Radhika.

Radhika Madan started her career with TV only. He made his debut with ‘Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi’. After working in it for years, he turned to films. Recently his film ‘Kutte’ has been released. Now during some promotion of the same he gave an interview to India Forum. In this, Radhika said about the TV industry – I have worked continuously for 48 to 56 hours. Those people used to come in the van just like that… When the script was asked, they used to say – you go to the set, it is getting hot. And the monologues used to come. It was not like that either. Used to say – It is a night telecast, hurry up, hurry up.

Radhika Madan had said these things

Radhika Madan said- Our directors used to change every month. The director who has become free will come. He remembers the characters. I remember the director was there and I was only asking him about my character that my character is not like this because all this has happened to him in his childhood. That director was doing hither and thither. He got upset and later said that Radhika, when we do a film, we would discuss a scene for three days. Abhi na raat ka telecast hai. So this thing sat in my mind that we will get three days to discuss a scene. When I signed ‘Mard’ the shoot was to start after 4 months and I had the script in hand. I don’t know what to do with it. So yes it was all a luxury for me.

Ekta Kapoor’s reaction on Radhika Madan’s words

Now the people of the TV industry were hurt by these things because here Radhika had described the directors’ behavior on the sets as bad. It was alleged that the directors used to change scenes on the spot. Producer Ekta Kapoor wrote on this – Sad and shameful. Actors have no respect for their roots. Well done Sayantani Ghosh.

Sayantani Ghosh: Sayantani Ghosh got angry on Radhika Madan, said- this is shameful, please do not insult TV

Sayantani Ghosh replied to Radhika

Here Ekta patted Sayantani Ghosh on the back because the actress told RJ Siddharth Kannan in a special conversation that she was hurt by the words of the actress. Not only TV gives employment to so many women and big stars of films also start their career from this. They promote their films by coming on this platform. And Radhika is speaking like this. There are others besides him who underestimate TV. This should not be done.

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