No one will be able to misuse your sim from thief to hacker, secure your sim in this way today itself

SIM Card Lock: Sim card is very important for every mobile. After all, with this we call, message and also use the Internet. Have you ever paid attention to the security of your SIM card? Just think.. If ever your sim card is stolen then how easily a person can misuse it. A thief can call any person pretending to be you. Not only this, he can also access your social media or payment apps. In such a situation, it is not at all right to be careless about the security of the SIM card. In today’s news, we are going to tell you how to set password on your SIM card.

After entering the password on the SIM card, if someone inserts your SIM into another device, the SIM will not work without entering the password. Not only this, the SIM will also be blocked if the wrong password is entered. Then the SIM can be unlocked only after giving all the details to the customer care.

How to enable SIM card lock feature?

  • To put a lock on your SIM card, first of all you have to go to the Settings of your mobile.
  • Go to Additional Settings here.
  • After going to Additional Settings, you will get the option of Privacy here, click on it.
  • In Privacy, you will see the option of Sim Lock. Apart from this, in some phones this option is also in Security, or you can also search by writing Sim Lock in Settings.
  • Now if you have 2 SIM cards in your phone, then you will see both the SIM cards there. In this case, you click on what you want to protect.
  • After selecting the Sim Card, the SIM Lock setting will open, here you will see 2 options. First Lock SIM Card and second Change SIM Pin.
  • To lock your SIM card, you have to click on Lock SIM card.
  • After going to Lock SIM card option you will be asked SIM PIN. Here you have to enter the default PIN of your SIM card.

default pin

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Airtel’s code is 1234.
– The code for VI is 0000/1234.
Reliance jio has 0000/1234.
The code of BSNL is 0000.

  • After entering the PIN, click on OK. By doing this, your SIM card lock feature will be enabled.

Note: If you have entered the wrong PIN for more than 3 times, then your Sim Card may be permanently blocked.

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