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Nikkie De Jager is a famous Youtuber who became famous for her YouTube channel nikki tutorial, She is a Dutch beauty vlogger who offers various makeup tutorials to her followers. He got a lot of fame in 2015 for his Youtube video titled “The Power of Makeup”. This video has also inspired many other beauty vloggers to show their face with and without makeup.

Today, his channel has 13 million subscribers and a considerable number of views. Nikki is now twenty six years old. Keep reading to know more about the biography of Nikki De Jagger.

background information

Nikki’s date of birth is March 2, 1994 and her place of birth is Wageningen, Netherlands. She grew up in her hometown of Uden. She later revealed that she was transgender in one of her vlogs. The gender change occurred during her teenage years. She began taking hormone blockers at age fourteen, then transitioned completely at age nineteen.


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Nikki started uploading her videos on YouTube in 2008. At that time she was fourteen years old. She was inspired by watching The Hills on MTV when she was home sick. She was impressed by the make-up worn by Lauren Conrad and began looking for videos to recreate the look and could not find any. So he made a chain himself to achieve this look.

For two years she uploaded her makeup videos and then took a makeup course at B Academy in Amsterdam. Then she joined a color agency and became a professional makeup artist.


In 2013, she was the head makeup artist for the show I Can Make You a Supermodel, hosted by Pal Fischer. In 2017, she became one of the top beauty influencers. He also won Youtube Guru Award for his excellent vlogging. In 2019, Marc Jacobs Beauty announced that Nikki would serve as a global beauty consultant for their brand. In her role, she will be able to share her talents with the brand worldwide.

She also made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in January 2020. She opened up about her exit from the show, but then shared that she was treated differently from the other guests. It seemed to him that the host, Ellen, was cold and distant towards him.

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private life

Nikki got engaged to Dylan Drosner in August 2019. They met through their mutual friend and kept their relationship private for some time. He proposed to her while they were holidaying in Italy. It was indeed a romantic story. Nikki shared in an interview that Dylan is a special and caring guy.

nikki de jagger net worth

As Nikki is a famous vlogger, she got rich through her career. Due to his professional association, his net worth is also significant. She is a partner of beauty brands like Maybelline and Ofra. She then joined forces with Lady Gaga to endorse her vegan makeup brand called Haus Laboratories, Nikki will also be releasing her own unique eyeshadow palette in partnership with Beauty Bay. Her net worth is estimated at $6 million and will definitely increase in the future.


Nikki de Jager is one inspiring woman. She started her work in secret in her bedroom at the age of fourteen, but is now causing a stir on Youtube.

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