Never use mobile phone in toilet, risk of disease in piles

Use of mobile phone in toilet: in today’s modern world mobile phone It must be said that this has also become a primary need. The whole world has come closer because of mobile phones. We have become so dependent on it that it has become difficult to break away from it. Whether it is for work or for entertainment, the use of mobile phones is increasing day by day. Wherever we go, we take our mobile with us. If you forget the phone by mistake, something seems incomplete. From waking up in the morning till sleeping at night, mobile has become an integral part of us. Some people carry their mobile phones from the dining table to the washroom. Many people have a habit of using the phone while sitting on the toilet seat. But this habit can be harmful to your health. If you use the phone in the washroom, then definitely read this news

The habit of using mobile phone in washroom is dangerous

If you also have the habit of using mobile phone in the washroom, then leave this habit now. This is very harmful for your health. American sanitizing company Vioguard has published a new report in this regard. According to this report, 73 percent people use mobile phones in the toilet. 93 percent of youth aged 11 to 26 use mobile phones in the washroom.

93 percent people use mobile phone in washroom

Many young people aged 11 to 26 who took part in this research said that they go to the washroom and play games or chat on their mobile phones. Some people also have the habit of going to the washroom and reading newspaper or reading a book. But this habit can also be very dangerous. That’s why it is necessary to change this habit as soon as possible.

While using the phone in the washroom, there is a danger of it falling into the commode. But along with this, there is a great risk of you getting sick and getting infected from these mobile phones. According to experts, your habit of using mobile phone in the washroom may cost you dearly. Using mobile phone in washroom can make you ill.

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risk of hemorrhoids

According to experts, when people sit on the commode while defecating, it puts pressure on the nerves of their waist and hips. A condition in which people defecate while sitting on the toilet seat. At that time there is pressure on the nerves there. So there is a danger of getting a disease like piles. Sitting for a long time and swiping or scrolling the mobile phone can cause you to face diseases like back pain.

People who use the phone while sitting on the toilet seat can also get fecal-related diseases. Apart from this, taking your phone to the toilet is like inviting many types of germs. The germs from the toilet can stick to your mobile phone and those germs can enter your body and cause other diseases.

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