Visit 5 Ganesh Temples in Mumbai during Maghi Ganesh Jayanti 2024 Siddhivinayak Ganesh Temple Titwala Ganesh Temple, Mumbai Ganpati Temple

Maghi Ganesh Jayanti: Magh month has special significance in Hindu religion. Like Ganeshotsav, even in the month of Magh, Bappa sits at home for one and a half days. This year Mahi Ganesh Jayanti is coming on 13th February. Meanwhile, Maghi Ganesh Jayanti is celebrated with much pomp and show in various Ganesh Mandals, popular temples. There are many famous Ganesh temples in Mumbai too, where the enthusiasm of Maghi Ganesh Jayanti can be seen from early morning itself. Let us know in detail about some Ganesh temples of Mumbai which you can visit on Ganesh Jayanti this year.

Siddhivinayak Temple, Dadar

Siddhivinayak Temple is the most famous Ganapati temple in Mumbai. From common people to Bollywood celebrities, people have deep faith in this temple. On the occasion of Ganesh Jayanti, a huge crowd of devotees is seen in the Siddhivinayak temple of Mumbai. Many Ganesh devotees attend the temple for the 5 am aarti. People from many parts of Mumbai come to Siddhivinayak temple with palanquin. Maghi Ganesh Jayanti is celebrated in this temple of Dadar.

How to reach Siddhivinayak Temple?

Siddhivinayak Temple is located in Prabhadevi area of ​​Dadar. You can reach Siddhivinayak Temple by taking a shared taxi from outside Dadar Railway Station. Many people prefer to walk to the temple, which is only 15 minutes away from Dadar station.

Vazira Naka Ganesh Temple, Borivali

After Siddhivinayak of Prabhadevi, the important Ganesh temple located at Vajira Naka in Borivali West is important. This temple is hundreds of years old. Earlier only Kolis, Bhandaris and local villagers used to come to this temple. But now the importance of this temple has increased and many devotees from Mumbai come here for Ganesh darshan. There are five temples at this place. The idol of Lord Ganesha is in the north direction and the idol of Shitala Devi is on the side. Apart from this, there are also temples of Maruti and local village deity Alji Dev.

How to reach Borivali Vazira Naka Temple?

From Borivali station (West) you can reach Vazira Naka on foot or by rickshaw, where the temple is located.

Mahaganpati Temple, Titwala

This Mahaganapati, popularly known as Vivah Vinayak, is located in Titwala village near Mumbai. It is believed that marriages are finalized by seeing Lord Ganesha. This ancient temple is situated on the banks of river Kalu on the Kalyan-Kasara road in present-day Kalyan taluka. The temple of Ganapati is equally simple. Apart from Chaturthi and Tuesday, there is not much crowd here so you do not have to stand in the queue. There is a silver rat in the hall of the temple, in whose ear the devotees whisper their wishes. Celebrations take place in the temple on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday as well as on Sankashti Chaturthi. Maghi Ganesh Jayanti is also celebrated with enthusiasm in the temple.

How to reach Titwala Mahaganpati Temple?

Titwala railway station is on the Kalyan-Kasara route of the Central Railway. After alighting at Titwala station, share rickshaws are available to go outside the temple. But the surprising thing is that the roads here still run with branches. From children to adults, everyone likes to go to the temple sitting in slippers and making thump..thump.. sounds.

Phadke Wadi Ganpati Temple, Girgaon

Maghi Ganesh Jayanti is also celebrated with great enthusiasm in Girgaum. This Ganesh temple is located in Phadkewadi, Girgaon, at a distance of 20 minutes from Charni Road station. Yashoda Govind Phadke, a native of Alibaug, built the Ganesh temple here in 1890. Yashodabai, who remained childless due to the untimely death of her husband, built a temple here considering Lord Ganesha as her son. Later his friends and relatives took care of this temple.

How to reach Ganpati Temple in Phadkewadi?

You can reach Ganpati Temple from Charni Road station of Western Railway. From Charni Road Station one can take a taxi to Phadkewadi Ganpati Temple.

Udyan Ganesh Temple, Dadar

One of the many temples in Mumbai is the Shri Udyan Ganesh Temple in Dadar Shivaji Park. On the occasion of Ganesh Jayanti, this temple is crowded with devotees. It is said that the idol of Lord Ganesha appeared under a banyan tree in the temple. A temple of Lord Ganesha was built under the banyan tree under which the idol had appeared. Established in 1970, this temple is 43 years old and the temple was expanded in 1972.

How to reach Udyan Ganesh Temple?

Udyan Ganesh Temple You can walk from Dadar station to Shivaji Park or take a taxi to visit the temple.

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