MS Dhoni knows fans call DRS as Dhoni Review System, Suresh Raina knows all the details

Dhoni Review System: Former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) and Suresh Raina are very good friends. Both know many secrets of each other. Apart from the Indian team, both the players have also played together for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in IPL for many years. The friendship of both is so strong that both said goodbye to international cricket on the same day. Both the players retired from international cricket on August 15, 2020. Now Suresh Raina has completely retired from BCCI, while Dhoni is still seen playing in IPL.

Former Indian captain Dhoni has been very famous for his review in his career. DRS and Dhoni have had a very strong relationship. Whenever Dhoni used to take DRS, most of the batsmen used to get out. Because of this, the Decision Review System also came to be known as the Dhoni Review System. Suresh Raina made a new disclosure about this. In fact, while commentating during the SA20 League in South Africa, Raina told that Dhoni was aware that fans call DRS as Dhoni Review System.

Dhoni is aware of this

While commenting, Raina said, “Mahendra Singh Dhoni is fully aware that fans used to call DRS as Dhoni Review System. Even for me it has always been the Dhoni review system. Later I came to know its real meaning. Dhoni always takes the review at the last second because the bowler always thinks it is out, but it is Dhoni who has the clearest vision of all the three stumps from behind the stumps and can make better decisions. Former Indian player Pragyan Ojha was also present along with Suresh Raina during the commentary.

Ojha said about this, “I think the umpires also check whether Dhoni has appealed for the wicket or not. If Dhoni has appealed, it will definitely be out.”

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